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Hello ! / Bonjour ! I am a 40 years old french born, now living in Malta for quite a long time. / Je suis un Français de 40 ans vivant sur Malte depuis...longtemps ! I am mostly travelling with my wife Rozenn (see photo) in Europe by camper-van to see family and friends, or just discover new places and people. / Je voyage la plupart du temps avec ma femme Rozenn en Europe avec un camping-car qui nous permet de voir familles et amis eparpillés. We are always respectful of the vehicle and the law of the country we are driving it and we never forget that it is your vehicle that we are borrowing. / Nous sommes respecteux de votre vehicule ainsi que des lois routières des pays que nous traversons, nous n'oublions que que c'est votre camping-car que nous empruntons. A bientot j'espère ! JBC

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Maggio 2018
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Ottobre 2017
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Aprile 2018
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Aprile 2018

André is the best

Novembre 2017

Best. Vacation. Ever.

This was our first time renting a camping car and we had a fantastic experience with André's vehicule.

André was a very helpfull, proposed himself to pick us up and drop us off and gave us some good insigth regarding the nearby region. 

The camping car is of a very comfortable model and in pristine condition. Not one thing broke down, evrything is working perfectly from oven to solar panel. Engine has a good turbo that will make driving up the mountains much easier.  

We are now hooked to it and are using Yescapa again for our next holiday without hesitation!

JB & Rozenn